My name is Matteo Dunnhofer.

I am currently a research fellow (RTD-a) in the Department of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Physics of the University of Udine (Udine, Italy). I work within the Machine Learning and Perception Lab.

I come from Tarvisio, a small town located in the Italian Alps. I received the BSc and MSc in Computer Science and the PhD in Industrial and Information Engineering from the University of Udine in 2016, 2018, and 2022 respectively. I have been a visiting student at the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision hosted at the Queensland University of Technology (Brisbane, Australia). More recently, I spent time as a visiting researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, USA), at York University (Toronto, Canada), and at the University of Alcalà (Madrid, Spain).

The goal of my research is to let machines sense and understand how objects move and change through time, by learning from real-world examples. More specifically, I design and implement deep learning algorithms to tackle problems in computer vision, in particular for visual object tracking. I am also very interested in applying such methods in medical image analysis to let computers improve people's health, and into the sport domain for video-based performance analysis. On these topics, I published several papers in international conferences and journals, and I received an award for winning the Visual Object Tracking VOT2021 long-term challenge held at ICCV 2021.

I serve as reviewer for the most relevant conferences and journals in computer vision (CVPR, ICCV, ECCV, WACV, TPAMI, IJCV), pattern recognition (ICPR, PR), robotics (ICRA, RA-L), and medical image analysis (MIDL, MedIA, TMI). I was recognized as an outstanding reviewer by ECCV 2022. I have been involved in the organization of a series of workshops on Computer Vision for Winter Sports at WACV and of an object tracking challenge at CVPR 2023. I am also an associate editor of The Visual Computer journal.


[2024-02] An extended version of our WACV 2024 paper is accepted by CVIU!

[2024-02] Awarded the Marie-Curie Postdoctoral Global Fellowship!

[2023-12] Received the Italian habilitation to serve as Associate Professor of Computer Engineering!

[2023-11] I have joined the editorial board of The Visual Computer journal!

[2023-08] One paper on tracking skiers in videos is accepted at WACV 2024!